The New England Brass Band

Dr. Harms plays solo cornet. He built and administrates their web site. He fundraised extensively for their upcoming CD project, The Music of New England.

The Lexington Symphony

Dr. Harms plays third trumpet in this fine orchestra.

The Bulletproof Musician

Dr. Harms has participated in this seminar. Kagayama’s blog is also helpful reading for anybody preparing for auditions at any level, and Dr. Harms teaches many of the same techniques and ideas.


Dr. Harms participates in the David Bilger Trumpet Course and submits video posts regularly. Mr. Bilger’s ArtistWorks Course also contains countless videos for beginners through professionals on a range of topics, including fundamentals, technique, sound, etudes, orchestral excerpts, and solo repertoire. Please contact Dr. Harms if you are interested in learning more about this great resource.

International Trumpet Guild

One of the world’s leading resources for students and professionals on the trumpet. The industry’s primary outlet for community, research, and conferences. Additionally, the Trumpet Guild hosts a variety of annual competitions for trumpeters of all ages. Several of Dr. Harms’ students have participated and been selected as prizewinners.