In recent times, we as a nation have become increasingly aware of a divide between economic means, culture, race, gender, and sexuality. While Americans may debate the extent of and solutions to these problems, I acknowledge that they can and do manifest in my education and performance environment; that I must be active in my objection to inequity and discrimination.

In addition to a continued abstract vigilance, I uphold the following principals to reduce discrimination and add to equity and equality:

  • Commission and perform music by traditionally underrepresented demographics in Western Classical music
  • Fundraise for and provide scholarships for low-income families
  • Maintain an instructional and professional environment and demeanor that does not tolerate discrimination in any form
  • Does not prejudice
  • Does not generalize
  • Does prioritize awareness of the diverse needs and backgrounds of all musicians
  • Fosters an inclusive environment where everyone can succeed
  • Seeks to hold accountable these behaviors in others, in a gentle and restorative manner
  • Encourage others to hold me accountable in like manner