“Andrew Harms brings poetry and technical finesse to his interpretation of my composition Winter, informing his performances with great depth of feeling and joyous energy. Well done!”

David Snow, composer, Winter

“[Andrew Harms] really caught the spirit of this short work.  Beautiful tone and precise interpretation-just the kind of a performance that every composer hopes for!  Congratulations!”

John Cheetham, composer, Contraptions

“Expressive and committed playing.”

Dr. Keith Benjamin, Professor of Trumpet, University of Missouri-Kansas City

“Intimate and inviting, a reminder that vocal music transitions easily to interpretations by brass… a broad, ambitious program, and nicely turned.”

Cape Cod Times, October 21, 2018

“Where better to pair organ with brass than in a large, Neo-Gothic building housing one of the world’s largest pipe organs… [We] had not only taken shelter against a dark and rainy evening, but… found ourselves awash in sonic sunshine that poured in from every direction.”

Glens Falls Chronicle, November 2, 2018