I offer presentations on several topics from the fields of research, teaching, and performance.

Presentation topics include:

Preparation and peak performance for auditions

This topic explores my experiences auditioning for major symphony orchestras, and how that experience can inform students of all levels. I talk about audition preparation and planning, with specific timetables and methods for self-evaluation. I also talk about mental preparation based upon my time studying with Dr. Don Greene.

The trumpet music of Paul Hindemith and Karl Pilß

This is a dynamic presentation combining video, audio, and live music, examining the relationships between the Nazi propaganda and media programs and the music of these two prominent German and Austrian composers active in the 1930’s. Drawn from my time living in Germany and working with several of the top musicological scholars in the trumpet industry. This presentation requires a piano and A/V hookup for laptop/iPad.

Teaching topics for advanced youth

This topic pulls from my experience teaching and administering programs across the country that cater to the top echelon of young artists. We examine some commonalities, differences, assumptions, and concerns with an early career focus on performance. We also talk about curriculum planning and teaching difficult topics such as style, time, and intonation.

The embouchure: misconceptions, problems, and solutions

This presentation is based on my experience teaching embouchure formation on all brass instruments and how it applies specifically to trumpet. This class is meant to dispel misconceptions commonly proliferated in pedagogical circles and on the internet and provide students with a methodology and ideas for exploring potential changes without ‘starting from zero.’