The title comes from A Winter’s Tale, act 4, scene 4, as follows:


A cause more promising
Than a wild dedication of yourselves
To unpath’d waters, undream’d shores, most certain
To miseries enough; no hope to help you,
But as you shake off one to take another;
Nothing so certain as your anchors, who
Do their best office, if they can but stay you
Where you’ll be loath to be: besides you know
Prosperity’s the very bond of love,
Whose fresh complexion and whose heart together
Affliction alters.


This quotation certainly captures my proclivity for ambitious and difficult projects. However, I think that ambition is a skill that, like so many other things, can be practiced. So much about this passage fits this project that it is almost uncanny. That it is from a Winter’s Tale is serendipitous to the work presented here by David Snow, the invocation of water and shore certainly plays up my favorite image from Ewazen’s Trumpet Sonata, and of course the tongue-in-cheek context from one of Shakespeare’s most mysterious Romances harkens toward Cheetham’s Contraptions.


As an English/Music double major for much of my undergraduate degree, I was obsessed with attempting to tell some kind of story through music. This CD project has given me that chance; in fact, this CD is a story unto itself. I hope you enjoy reading about my process below, and invite you to read my extensive program notes and of course listen to the CD itself either streaming online or through the purchase of a digital or hard copy.


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