The Advanced Studies curriculum is the exact same price and methodology as lessons through every other avenue. The difference is that lessons are an hour long at least and they take place in my home studio at Waltham on Fridays, where we have immediate access to an abundance of equipment, recording devices, mutes, and technology. In addition, I leave some extra time between lessons to facilitate more time when needed.

Advanced Studies is not necessarily for advanced brass players, but rather musicians of any age who truly enjoy music and who find it to be disproportionately important to their everyday lives. This can include those who wish to audition for honor bands such as districts, competitive orchestras like BYSO, and those who are preparing for college auditions.

Curriculum is likely to include:

  • Audition Success by Don Greene, a noted performance psychologist
  • Audition Playbook by Rachelle Jenkins, of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra
  • Methodology from top brass pedagogue Toby Oft, of the Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Other reading as required

Examples of equipment available to us in WalthamL

  • Zoom H5 recording device and high-quality microphones, preset for optimal sound quality
  • A powerful 2018 iMac equipped with recording and editing software
  • Mutes, mouthpieces, and trumpets in all keys
  • A library of solo works and orchestral parts/excerpts, easily printable