Here you will find lesson information relevant to North Andover. Check back for additional details!

Private Lessons Policies and Procedures
North Andover Public Schools, Fall 2019
Studio of Dr. Andrew Harms


To instill a lifelong appreciation for and love of music, by assisting in the preparation of school-related music assignments, to partake in goal setting and execution, and to dsevelop a passion for and discipline to practice excellence.


Each student is different. Topics of discussion include preparation, practice strategies, time management, listening, musical notation fluency, audition preparation, among others. Students will typically work through a set of technical studies including scales and arpeggios, musical studies (called etudes), and repertoire for honor bands and orchestras. Students will frequently be assigned to watch videos on the internet, to record themselves playing, to read articles, and to do self-assessments.

Materials(many/most available at http://www.andrewbharms.comfor free)

Arban Complete Conservatory Method

Solos as assigned

Etudes as assigned


Strong attendance is highly encouraged. An important part of lessons is the commitment we make to each other. If attendance is poor, I reserve the right to give away the lesson slot. Students and parents will be informed well in advance if such becomes necessary (in my many years this has only happened once). Good attendance typically means 12-14 lessons per term. 


Cancellations will typically not be available except when absolutely necessary (e.g. an emergency, a once-in-a-lifetime event, or some other thing happens the week preceding an audition). In general, parents and students will find that I work for the best interests of my students and that my policies align with healthy development.

Any lessons missed on my account will be credited to the next month. To receive credit for a student-cancelled lesson, notice in writing must be given ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE. s


Fees are as follows:

$30 per 30-minute lesson

$45 per 45-minute lesson

$60 per 60-minute lesson

Fees should be paid on the first Monday of the month, payable via check, cash, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, or credit card online or in person. PayPal and credit card transactions will incur a small processing fee.